Empowering Distributors By Enhancing Efficiency: Bata’s Transformational Journey with Software Dynamics


Bata, the leading footwear manufacturer and retailer in Kenya, aimed to optimize its operational efficiency and empower its distributors. Seeking a skilled vendor to develop a mobile application integrated with their financial system and Oracle, Bata entrusted Software Dynamics with the task. This case study delves into Bata’s successful implementation through Software Dynamics, showcasing the positive outcomes and benefits achieved.


To begin, Bata has a national network of over 100 modern stores and prides itself on delivering high-quality fashion footwear for men, women, and children. Additionally, the brand also offers accessories, such as handbags and school bags, along with renowned sports and leisure brands like Power and Weinbrenner. To stay ahead in the competitive market, Bata identified the importance of optimizing its operations through technology and sought a skilled vendor to develop the Mbata Mobile App.


Bata faced the challenge of streamlining its order management process between its distributors and headquarters. The existing system lacked efficiency, resulting in delays, manual errors, and hindered communication. To overcome these challenges, Bata sought a robust solution that would automate the ordering process, integrate seamlessly with its financial system, and provide real-time visibility across the supply chain.


Therefore, Bata partnered with Software Dynamics, a renowned provider of software solutions, to develop the Mbata Mobile App. This application, available on both Android and iOS platforms, revolutionized the ordering process for Bata’s distributors. By leveraging the SalesLife POS B2B Commerce Solution and Oracle Cloud, Software Dynamics delivered a comprehensive solution tailored to Bata’s unique requirements.

Key Features and Benefits

Streamlined Order Management

The Mbata Mobile App significantly simplified the ordering process for Bata’s distributors. By enabling them to submit orders directly to the headquarters in real-time, the app eliminated manual paperwork, reduced errors, and improved overall order accuracy and speed.

Seamless Integration

In addition, Software Dynamics seamlessly integrated the Mbata Mobile App with Bata’s financial system and Oracle. This seamless integration ensured smooth data flow and real-time synchronization, facilitating efficient inventory management, enhancing financial visibility, and minimizing reconciliation efforts.

Enhanced Visibility and Analytics

Furthermore, the implementation provided Bata with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. With real-time data insights at their fingertips, Bata’s decision-makers could make informed choices, including demand forecasting, inventory planning, and identifying sales trends. These data-driven strategic decisions optimized their operations.

Empowering Distributors

Additionally, the Mbata Mobile App empowered Bata’s distributors by providing them with a user-friendly interface and real-time access to product catalogs, pricing information, and order history. As a result, distributors gained greater autonomy, improved customer service, and the ability to respond quickly to market demands.

Scalable and Future-Ready Solution

Lastly, Software Dynamics ensured that the implementation was scalable and adaptable to accommodate Bata’s growing needs. The solution provided a solid foundation for future enhancements, such as incorporating additional features, expanding to new markets, or integrating with emerging technologies. This ensured Bata’s readiness for future growth and innovation.


Through its partnership with Software Dynamics, Bata successfully implemented a solution that streamlined its order management process, empowered distributors, and improved overall operational efficiency. The Mbata Mobile App, integrated with Bata’s financial system and Oracle, revolutionized how orders were placed, tracked, and managed. With enhanced visibility, advanced analytics, and seamless integration, Bata could make informed decisions and optimize its supply chain. The successful collaboration between Bata and Software Dynamics stands as a testament to the transformative power of solutions in driving business growth and customer satisfaction.