Build a resilient, sustainable

supply chain and logistics

Enable Supply Chain and Logistics Management with Dynamics 365

Adapt quickly and operate sustainably with our predictive supply chain solution. Our intelligent and resilient supply chain is designed to help you build an adaptable, responsive system that automatically reacts to challenges in real time.

With advanced insights, agile planning, and real-time visibility, you can create a supply chain that is both resilient and flexible, allowing you to navigate any obstacle with ease.

Turn order fulfillment into a competitive advantage

  • Planning, Forecasting and Inventory Management

    Predict demand with AI and optimize inventory decisions using priority-based supply planning in near-real time to avoid stockouts and overstocking.

  • Manufacturing and Shop floor management

    Improve manufacturing agility with IoT and mixed reality, seamlessly integrated with your MES for enhanced productivity and quality.

  • Warehouse Management and fulfilment

    Accelerate delivery times with optimized inventory, automated warehousing operations, and increased throughput.

  • Procurement and Sourcing

    Simplify procurement procedures and enhance cost control by utilizing vendor collaboration portals and connecting with vendor catalogues.

  • Order management and pricing

    Ensure that you fulfil your commitments to customers by maintaining precise information about the availability of your stock. Additionally, streamline the management of your pricing across various order channels by centralizing it.

  • Asset management and maintainance

    Carry out preventative or anticipatory maintenance on equipment to minimize periods of inactivity and enhance the efficiency of the equipment.

Adapt quickly and fulfil efficiently, Deliver on your order promise

  • Optimize and Automate  fulfilment

    Use rule-based fulfillment orchestration, real-time inventory, and AI to optimize order flows and handle exceptions effectively.

  • Adapt quickly to changing business models

    Configure order flows with ease using the built-in drag-and-drop policy designer to automate responses to fulfilment constraints.

  • Manage the entire order lifecycle

    Customizable integrated dashboards provide real-time insights into each order’s status, from intake to delivery.

  • Enhance customer experience

    Enhance customer satisfaction by consistently delivering on time, improving transparency, and offering greater flexibility.

Get started with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and Intelligent Order Management. Let’s get started

How can we help you specifically?

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    Exec Leaders & Business Owners

    Centralize operations with a modern ERP system. Enhance cybersecurity and maximize the value of your technology stack with a cloud-based ERP that supports end-to-end business processes.

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    Department and Functional Area Leaders

    Gain visibility & insights into every aspect of the business. Automate repetitive tasks & workflows to save time & refocus on core operations to achieve operational excellence. Say goodbye to mundane routines with a wide range of one-touch reporting at your fingertips.

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    Technical Managers             and Users

    Dynamics 365 streamlines operations & improves user adoption with its seamless integration. It allows you to focus on transformative strategies & saves you costs. The cloud-based solution provides value & frees up the budget for scaling.

Create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain using an open, flexible, collaborative, and secured platform. Let’s get started!

Streamline Order Fulfillment with Frictionless Orchestration

Effortlessly manage order fulfillment from beginning to end by utilizing real-time omnichannel inventory data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning through a centralized system.