Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

SACCO & Micro-Finance ERP Management System

SACCO ERP Management System

Our team has tailored Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to perfectly align with the unique requirements and goals of your SACCO.

Implemented by Software Dynamics, a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner, our SACCO ERP Management System is a powerful core financial management system designed to help you reduce operational costs, provide superior member services, and drive increased revenues.
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Powerful Modules to Streamline Your Operations with our SACCO ERP Management System

  • Accountant and Finance

    Manage your finances efficiently with features such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, budgeting, and reporting with our SACCO ERP Management System.

  • Customer Relationship Management 

    Strengthen member relationships through effective lead management, opportunity tracking, and customer interaction management. 

  • Business Intelligence

    Strengthen member relationships through effective lead management, opportunity tracking, and customer interaction management.

  • Member Management

    Track member information, account balances, and loan history effortlessly, ensuring personalized service.

  • Loan Management

    From origination to repayment and collections, our comprehensive module simplifies the loan management process.

  • Savings Management

    Monitor member savings, account balances, interest earned, and withdrawals with ease and accuracy.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 SACCO ERP Management System - Enhanced Features Tailored for Sacco and Microfinance Institution.

Expand your capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, offering specialized features designed specifically for Sacco and microfinance institutions:

  1. Mobile App: Empower your members with a convenient mobile app, granting them access to their accounts and transactions anytime, anywhere.
  2. Payment Gateway Integration: Seamlessly integrate with popular payment gateways like MPESA and Banks, ensuring effortless member payments.
  3. E-KYC Functionality: Simplify member identification and verification with our robust E-KYC functionality, enhancing compliance for Sacco and microfinance institutions.
  4. Fraud Detection: Safeguard your institution against fraudulent activities with powerful fraud detection tools, protecting your assets and maintaining trust.

Discover these additional features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, specially designed to elevate the efficiency and security of Sacco and microfinance institutions

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microsoft 365 erp training in kenya

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Why partner with Software Dynamics for your SACCO ERP Management System?

Software Dynamics is a trusted provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions that are designed to help organizations personalize their enterprise resource planning approach. Our business apps are built on Azure and seamlessly integrated with Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform for maximum efficiency.

As a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, Software Dynamics is recognized as a reliable expert in implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions. We offer advanced access to product updates and licensing changes, and we prioritize customer feedback to help bring innovative solutions that make a real difference for our clients.

With our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for our customers, we have earned a range of recognitions that speak to our expertise and dedication. You can trust that your Microsoft project is in safe hands with Software Dynamics.

Software Dynamics are always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
John H. Bedard, Jr