Organize Complex Processes with

Dynamics 365

Unify Sophisticated Supply Chains
with Connected Solutions

Improve the effectiveness of your manufacturing enterprise by integrating data and systems, enabling you to predict shifts, mitigate disruptions, and shorten the time it takes to bring products to market. Simultaneously, you can cultivate stronger customer connections through up-to-the-minute information.

Whether your business utilizes discrete or process manufacturing, Dynamics 365 can maintain the organization of your facilities and employees. With Microsoft’s complete ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, or Dynamics 365 Business Central, as well as Dynamics 365 CRM, and Power Platform through Dataverse, your company can implement the most comprehensive arsenal of Microsoft manufacturing software tools. Stay organized, agile, efficient, and transparent with unified Microsoft cloud solutions, including Microsoft Azure.

Enabling data-driven resilience with Dynamics 365

  • Take control of your processes

    See every step from order to shipping and identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Improve what you can see with our tailored solution for manufacturing.

  • Reduce customer backorders with ease

    Nobody enjoys waiting! Increase production efficiencies and gain visibility at each stage of the manufacturing process to work smarter, not harder. An integrated ERP system solution can help you reduce customer backorders and enhance product quality effortlessly.

  • Streamline your processes & scheduling

    Liberate your time by allowing your modern ERP system to handle everything, including automated ordering, staff scheduling, and supply management. Instead of concentrating on operational tasks, focus on making crucial business decisions.

  • Bring down those inventory costs

    By having a comprehensive view of your assets and inventory levels, identifying areas where you may be squandering money and accelerating significant money-saving opportunities will be a breeze. Your wallet will appreciate it!

  • Boost staff utilization with the help of automation

    Your staff’s productivity will skyrocket with the assistance of your modern ERP solution automating tedious processes and doing the bulk of the work. By eliminating the need for manual labor, you’ll also improve employee morale!

  • Leave the reports to the (ERP) experts

    Eliminate the hassle of reporting and leverage the pre-installed analytics features. From inventory control to projecting future demand, everything is handled for you. The outcome? Quick access to reports, enabling you to make crucial business decisions instantly.

Gain efficiencies, improve quality and boost profitability,
all with ERP built for manufacturing

  • Design & Training

    Introduce new products & services quickly with centralized product info & streamlined engineering change management. Improve quality with hands-free work instructions.

  • Planning & Sourcing

    Improve manufacturing efficiency with proactive issue anticipation, real-time planning, AI-enriched demand forecasting, streamlined procurement, and automation.

  • Production & Distribution

    Build an agile and sustainable supply chain with IoT and AI, edge computing, intelligent order and warehouse management, and real-time inventory data.

  • Sales & Service

    Automate sales & personalize customer engagement to build loyalty. Offer exceptional service through proactive field service, remote support, & omnichannel customer service.

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How can we help you specifically?

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    Exec Leaders & Business Owners

    Centralize operations with a modern ERP system. Enhance cybersecurity and maximize the value of your technology stack with a cloud-based ERP that supports end-to-end business processes.

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    Department and Functional Area Leaders

    Gain visibility & insights into every aspect of the business. Automate repetitive tasks & workflows to save time & refocus on core operations to achieve operational excellence. Say goodbye to mundane routines with a wide range of one-touch reporting at your fingertips.

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    Technical Managers             and Users

    Dynamics 365 streamlines operations & improves user adoption with its seamless integration. It allows you to focus on transformative strategies & saves you costs. The cloud-based solution provides value & frees up the budget for scaling.

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Traceability and Adherence
to Regulations

Keep track of everything you produce, including parts and final products, at any stage of your journey. Through the creation of serial numbers and/or batch numbers using Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain and Dynamics 365 Business Central, items can be tracked through wholesalers, and distribution centres, all the way to their destination. Even inside your warehouse, serial and batch numbers are highly useful for tracking inventory.

Serial and batch numbers provide the traceability to help users support warranties associated with items, handle recalls, and maintain quality objectives leaving no confusion if a customer has an issue. These numbers can be set up for inbound or outbound transactions, as well as transfer orders, making them a necessary component in Microsoft’s manufacturing software.