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Dynamics 365

A clinical solution providing end-to-end management of the
administrative process and delivering paperless integrated care

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for healthcare is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that includes specialized features designed for the healthcare industry, such as clinical interconnectivity, electronic medical records, patient relationship management, and a seamless patient experience.

With D365 Healthcare, you can enhance the effectiveness of your operations and achieve optimal outcomes. By integrating people, data, and processes securely, you can establish a cohesive profile for each patient, streamline patient care, and leverage data insights to make informed decisions at every stage of the patient journey

We are committed to delivering advisory services and integrated software solutions by combining consultancy with project management, design, development, implementation, and support.

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Innovative and flexible patient care system
designed for use at the point of patient care
in an integrated and paperless environment

  • Patient and Clinical
    Care Management

  • Comprehensive Resource Scheduling
  • Workflow Management
  • Quality Management, Powerful Reporting
    and Data Analysis
  • Seamless Diagnostic Device Integration
  • Clinical and Admin Dashboards

Advanced Operations and Efficient Outcomes with D365 Healthcare

Create healthcare experiences for patients throughout their whole journey. Securely integrate people, data, and processes within your company to create unified patient profiles, facilitate patient care, and make data-driven adjustments.