Oyake Enterprises is a nationwide wholesale company that offers a wide selection of bulk consumer products. Its focus extends to multiple industries, including general trade, hotels, convenience stores, and events. With a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of their clients, they provide an extensive range of products to cater to clients’ specific requirements.

Oyake Wholesalers encountered some challenges in their operations. As they navigated the complex landscape of financial management, procurement, assembly operations, and sales transactions, they realized the need for a transformative solution to overcome these obstacles and achieve remarkable efficiency.


Firstly, managing finances and accounting proved to be a task. Oyake Wholesalers sought a solution to streamline financial operations and enable accurate data analysis amid high transaction volume.

Secondly, procurement was another hurdle that required immediate attention. Oyake Wholesalers struggled with manual processes, disjointed supplier management, and a lack of transparency in their purchasing workflows. To improve efficiency and monitor procurement performance, Oyake Wholesalers sought a seamless integration of procurement with their operations.

To optimize assembly operations, Oyake Wholesalers sought a solution to simplify workflows, enhance productivity, and ensure efficient resource allocation. Their objective was to streamline production processes, track work orders, and seamlessly integrate with other modules for a cohesive operational framework.

Additionally, on the sales front, they realized the critical importance of enhancing their point-of-sale operations. The need for an automated inventory management system, streamlined sales transactions, and an improved CRM strategy became paramount. They sought a solution with real-time inventory tracking, personalized customer insights, and a user-friendly interface to enhance their sales operations.


Under these circumstances, implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SalesLife POS became the turning point for Oyake Wholesalers. These solutions addressed their unique challenges head-on, providing them with streamlined financial management, efficient procurement processes, optimized assembly operations, and a seamless point-of-sale system.


In the first place, their procurement processes, including supplier management, purchase orders, and vendor invoices, were greatly improved. The integration with other modules, particularly finance, enabled accurate financial impact analysis and cost tracking. They easily managed supplier contracts, tracked deliveries, and monitored procurement performance.

Moreover, Oyake Wholesalers effectively created, managed, and tracked budgets across different departments or projects. With powerful tools for budget planning, forecasting, and variance analysis, they aligned financial resources with strategic objectives. As a result, real-time budget information empowered personnel to make informed decisions, ensuring optimal utilization of their financial resources.

Consequently, managing fixed assets became a reality. As such, they easily tracked and maintained asset records, calculated depreciation, scheduled maintenance tasks, and ensured compliance with accounting and reporting standards. Therefore, this module provided comprehensive asset lifecycle management, empowering Oyake Wholesalers with control over their valuable resources.

Additionally, the Wholesalers benefited from enhanced financial management and accounting capabilities. They streamlined their financial operations, analyzed financial data, and managed budgets. By leveraging financial forecasting and automating accounts payable and receivable processes, Oyake Wholesalers successfully optimized their operations.

Not only that but also, the assembly module revolutionized Oyake Wholesalers’ manufacturing and assembly operations. They were able to track and control the assembly process, manage bills of materials, and optimize resource allocation. Oyake Wholesalers achieved operational excellence by seamlessly integrating with modules like inventory, procurement, and finance, enabling streamlined operations.

In the same way, the SalesLife POS module complemented Dynamics 365 by optimizing point-of-sale operations. It simplified sales transactions, automated inventory management, and enhanced customer relationship management (CRM). Oyake Wholesalers benefited from a user-friendly interface, real-time inventory tracking, and personalized customer insights. This integration within the ERP framework improved sales operations, enhanced efficiency, and drove customer satisfaction.

Lastly, the service delivery of Oyake Wholesalers experienced a remarkable elevation through the integration of the Field Service Automation module into the Dynamics 365 framework. This seamless integration significantly improved field service operations. With highly efficient scheduling and dispatch capabilities, Oyake Wholesalers optimized resource allocation, ensuring prompt and accurate service. Additionally, work order management was simplified, providing end-to-end tracking and enhancing operational efficiency. Mobile connectivity empowered technicians with access to crucial information on the go, leading to heightened responsiveness and reduced downtime. Real-time updates further fostered seamless communication and transparency between teams and customers.


Ultimately, Oyake Wholesalers’ success story exemplifies the transformative power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SalesLife POS. By streamlining financial management, optimizing procurement, implementing strategic budgeting, and enhancing assembly and point-of-sale operations, Oyake Wholesalers achieved exceptional results and unlocked their true operational potential.