Jesa Farm Dairy, a renowned family-owned company in Wakiso district, Uganda, partnered with Software Dynamics to implement an integrated ERP solution. This strategic move aimed to enhance operational efficiency, streamline business processes, maintain high-quality products, and expand market reach. The collaboration merges tradition with technology, unlocking unprecedented growth opportunities for Jesa Farm Dairy.


Founded in 1989 by Mr. James Mulwana, Jesa Farm Dairy is a prominent player in Uganda’s dairy industry. Spanning 600 hectares, it practices modern animal husbandry and maintains a herd of 600 Friesian animals. Since 1994, Jesa Farm Dairy has processed its own farm milk, ensuring freshness and superior taste.

Challenges Faced

Before implementing the ERP solution, Jesa Farm Dairy encountered several challenges that hindered its growth potential. Key challenges included:

  • Manual Processes: The company relied heavily on manual processes for financial management, which led to inefficiencies, errors, and time-consuming tasks.
  • Limited Sales Visibility: Jesa Farm Dairy lacked real-time sales visibility, hindering tracking, inventory management, and customer analysis.
  • Ineffective Communication: Sales reps struggled to communicate with the head office, causing delays in order processing and fulfillment.

Solution Implemented

To address these challenges, Jesa Farm Dairy engaged Software Dynamics to implement a comprehensive ERP solution. Consequently, they opted for Navision 2018, a robust financial ERP system, integrated with Software Dynamics’ SalesLife POS. This integration allowed for seamless data flow and streamlined processes throughout the organization.

Benefits and Results

Implementing the ERP solution brought significant benefits and positive outcomes to Jesa Farm Dairy. Some of the key benefits include:

  • First off, with the Navision 2018 ERP system, Jesa Farm Dairy achieved streamlined financial management processes, eliminating manual errors and reducing paperwork. This enabled the company to accurately track financial transactions, manage budgets, and generate real-time financial reports.
  • Secondly, the integration of the SalesLife B2B mobile app empowered sales representatives with real-time access to customer data, product information, and order management. This resulted in improved sales efficiency, better customer engagement, and increased order accuracy.
  • Not to mention, Jesa Farm Dairy gained better visibility and control over its inventory levels, ensuring optimal stock levels and minimizing stockouts or excess inventory. Accurate inventory data helped forecast demand, optimize production schedules, and reduce wastage.
  • Also, the ERP implementation facilitated seamless communication and collaboration between sales representatives in the field and the head office. Sales orders, customer inquiries, and updates were instantly shared, enabling faster response times and improved customer service.
  • Lastly, with the scalable Navision 2018 ERP solution, Jesa Farm Dairy is well-positioned for future growth. The system can easily accommodate increased production volumes, new product lines, and expanding distribution networks, supporting the company’s long-term objectives.


Through the implementation of the Navision 2018 ERP solution, Jesa Farm Dairy underwent a remarkable transformation, resulting in improved operational efficiency, increased sales, and heightened customer satisfaction.

By seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology, Jesa Farm Dairy has positioned itself for long-term growth and prosperity in the highly competitive dairy industry. Consequently, the ERP implementation yielded notable benefits such as enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, and the ability to make informed decisions in real time through access to critical data.

Furthermore, Jesa Farm Dairy’s partnership and successful ERP implementation have solidified its standing as a formidable contender within Uganda’s dairy industry. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction serves as the driving force behind their sustainable growth and ongoing success.