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Why you need an ERP Solution why Microsoft Dynamics 365



An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an enterprise-wide package software that integrates all necessary business functions into a single system with a shared database.

The system covers functional areas of an enterprise i.e. financial, projects, operations, sales, services, supply chain, reporting, and analytics. It hence optimizes the management process.

An ERP system integrates all departments to move as one unit, it streamlines processes and efficiency, it reduces redundancy and duplicate information, saves time, and ensures you stay ahead of your competition.

Adopting an ERP solution, in the long run, saves you money.

With an ERP system, the finance department can manage accounts payables, accounts receivables, enter payments made by customers and payments made to suppliers, generate the balance sheet, and create profit and loss statements at the end of an accounting period.

The sales team can easily check the prices of products and the inventory levels, enter sales orders from customers, make deliveries, issue invoices to customers, and receive payments. Since any additional information added reflects immediately other departments can see the progress and take action.

The production department can use it to check inventory balances of the products, create production orders, manage production schedules, record the receipt of finished or in-progress orders.

If your company is entering information manually by hand and trying to track down inventory in your warehouse automating these processes with an ERP system saves time.

The Human relations department can keep track of all employees in the company, their title, department, date of joining and payroll.

The marketing department can plan, demand and make sales forecasts for the next sales period.

Why choose Microsoft’s ERP solution

Microsoft’s dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP solution ideal for small to medium-size enterprises. It offers a single platform that unifies people and processes in your business.

It is a cloud end to end solution which enables one to access and run the business from anywhere. From the dashboard, you get an overview of all your data so you can tap into real-time information anytime.

In addition to this, the core functionalities of Business Central can be accessed on mobile devices.  

Business Central is integrated with other Microsoft products i.e. Microsoft Outlook and Excel which are easy to use.

The scalability of Business central allows your company to start with what you require now and add capabilities in the future as your company grows and requirements change.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions are easy to customize and configure. It is flexible to meet your specific needs.

Business Central has built-in intelligent business apps that connect and share data. This helps to provide key insight into the health of the business and makes it easy to generate and share reports. It becomes easier for decision-makers to respond to issues.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an Easy and faster to deploy ERP system.

It provides a consistent and secure experience across Windows, IOS and android systems. 

It is equipped with strict regulations on security and data confidentiality that satisfies the highest certification to ensure your information is very safe.


Microsoft offers an ERP solution that simplifies your business processes enabling you to focus growth and goal achievement.

Companies can try implementing Microsoft dynamics Business Central for one month, commitment-free. Contact us now @ sales@MicrosoftDynamics365.co.ke and get started.